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Hi, I am Philipp

I'm a German IT-Specialist

Philipp Fruck

Hi, my name is Philipp and I'm an IT professional from Germany. I'm a free/libre software enthusiast and involved into multiple open-source projects in my freetime. If you're interested in what I'm doing, feel free to visit my GitHub/GitLab profile or simply view the project list below ;)

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You like playing Darts, but you don't like counting points? DartsTrainer assists you in your darts matches and provides you with multiple finish ways - You can easily select the one you like most! It has a native android app, but can be used on any device with a webbrowser. That's right, even a Tesla! However, don't train and drive...

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JIMMI - The Jitsi Integrated Musicbot Management Interface is the successor of JIM. He will assist you bringing music and fun to your jitsi conferences. JIMMI aims to make the power of JIM more easily accessible to all users. Almost no setup is required - Just install the browser extension, join the website and start your music playback!

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JIM (discontinued)

JIM - The Jitsi Integrated Musicbot is an open source music bot for Jitsi, the free video conferencing platform. He will assist you bringing some music to your otherwise boring conferences. He also knows some good jokes!

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StudyOffline is an open source tool that allows you to download the flashcards you have created on StudySmarter and study them offline, without advertising. In addition, your privacy is protected and no data is collected.

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